NEOGRAF Solutions LLC is an American manufacturer of graphites. Which are used as :

intumescent flame halogen-free (HFFR)
Charge improving thermal and/or electrical conductivity.

They offer different grades that find applications in many sectors, including in particular the industrial sectors of electronics, transport, construction and automotive.



Synthetic or natural graphite powders Products

Applications : Additives in paints, polymers, insulation, batteries, lubricants and adhesives, coatings…

Graf X® 


Nanoplaquettes de Graphènes

Applications : Béton et ciments, composites et textiles, caoutchoucs, produits d’étanchéité, adhésifs, revêtements



Thermo-expandable graphite flakes

Markets : Construction, paints, cellular plastics, insulating panels, silicones, rubbers…

Applications : Halogen-free flame retardant filler (HFFR)

Graf M®


Mélanges Maîtres / masterbatchs

Markets : Polystyrène expansé, P.A., polyoléfines, thermoplastiques…

Applications : ignifugation, conductivité thermique et électrique, effet barrière, amélioration de l’isolation thermique (Lambda)

For more information, find the NEOGRAF Solutions brochure :